Start Up Programme Sponsors


The Start Up Programme participants gain real experience of the world of business: coming up with a concept for a business, creating and researching a business plan, taking responsibility and being accountable to their shareholders for the running of the company. They also develop attitudes and skills necessary for personal success, and employ-ability, plus an understanding of how business works.

They gain an insight into self-employment, business creation, risk taking and coping with adversity all with the advice and support from volunteer business consultants. JAYE Malta in collaboration with some of Malta's most successful and prestigious establishments, have worked tirelessly to deliver the world renowned Start Up Programme. Junior Achievement Young Enterprise Malta Foundation would like to express our gratitude to our Start Up Programme sponsors:




AZAgenzija Zghazagh started collaboration with JAYE Malta in 2016 by means of supporting the promotion of Social Enterprises at Start Up level. Agenzija Zghazagh are therefore sponsoring the Best Social Enterprise Award that will assist youth understand the value of creating businesses with a social conscience, thus promoting entrepreneurship with a focus on social values and relevance to the greater community around the business.



icaew-master-rgb-pngICAEW work closely with JAYE in supporting their activities promoting skills for your people at university, looking to start their careers in the work place. Financial skills are in demand in Malta and it is a great career choice




takeoff-jpegTAKEOFF has been collaborating with JAYE Malta for the past two years and helping in its Company Programme and Start Up Programme initiatives. TAKEOFF and University of Malta provide mentoring, coaching, workshop facilitation and judging support as well as collective feedback on how to improve entrepreneurship education content.

Having a common interest in promoting the development of Malta's Start-Up ecosystem, collaboration with JAYE Malta provides an excellent link between education in practice and the provision of accessible resources, mentorship and guidance in the world of Start Ups. 


pwc-logoPwC is committed to supporting young entrepreneurs who may have a good business idea, however require support in order to turn this idea into reality. As part of this commitment, PwC sponsor JAYE’s START UP programme, which aims at equipping teams of University students with the expertise to take a business idea from inception to execution. Whilst PwC supports this programme financially, the relationship with both Young Enterprise and the students involved goes much further.

PwC representatives are delivering training sessions to the participating students on a number of areas including financial projections and market research. We are also acting as consultants to these students on an ongoing basis, and our Territory Senior Partner has been appointed as the head judge for the competition phase of the programme. Our commitment to this programme will not end once the competition is over – as part of PwC’s One Million Euro Start Up Fund, PwC will provide the winning team with 20,000 euro worth of advisory services, in the event that that winning team decide to turn their idea into an actual company.


mca-innovation-logo-01In line with its innovation mandate, the Malta Communications Authority is pleased to support the activity undertaken by Junior Achievement Young Enterprise (JAYE) Malta Foundation. On a general basis, the MCA is supportive of entrepreneurship education, as this is considered to be an essential prerequisite to engender innovative business and new enterprises. The Authority finds that JAYE Malta’s initiatives contribute positively to such education, by offering an environment where participants “learn by doing”. MCA support in the Company Programme is through an Award for the Best Presentation and use of Communications Platforms.


zaar_teal-whiteZAAR supports Junior Achievement Young Enterprise (JAYE) Malta by primarily educating JAYE Malta programme participants on the concept of crowdfunding as an alternative source of raising financial support for start-ups, secondly offering preferential rates for participants to raise funds via the ZAAR Crowdfunding Platform. From this agreement we hope to inspire young minds and get great ideas funded.

JAYE Malta is a non-government non-profit organisation that has been in Malta since 1989. It aims to provide entrepreneurship education programmes at all levels of the educational system. The organisation is well known in Malta for the delivery of the Company Programme whereby more than 5000 students since 1989 have become achievers through this experience. Students are given the opportunity to develop a number of soft skills such as team building, time management and risk assessment in a learning-by-doing manner. JAYE Malta is a member of the European organisation Junior Achievement Young Enterprise Europe.