Company Programme

The Company Programme organises and in often collaborates with a number of constituted bodies and organisations to facilitate various team building and training activities to help students stimulate creativity and innovation, understand roles of individual’s directors, create a business plan, develop presentation skills and so on. Participants have the benefit of both local and international popular entrepreneurs, whom share their knowledge and experience with the participating students.

Junior Achievement Young Enterprise Malta also organises an annual Trade Fair during the months of March/April for the participating teams to showcase/sell their products and services. Students also have the opportunity to travel and participate at a European Trade Fair attended by over 100 teams from all over Europe. The Final Presentations and Award Ceremony is the highlight event of the competition whereby participating teams deliver a four minute presentation of their achievements before a large audience. Representatives of the overall winning team and an adviser participate, expenses paid for by JAYE. This all would not be possible if not for our long-standing relationships with our sponsors.





The Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry and Junior chamber-of-commerce-logoAchievement Young Enterprise (JAYE) Malta Foundation enjoy excellent relations that go back many years. Recently they also formalised their relations by means of an agreement to support each other to promote an entrepreneurial culture amongst the young, by means of resources and expert support.

The Malta Chamber has always strives in favour of inculcating an entrepreneurial culture amongst the youth. The Malta Chamber is committed to help JAYE Malta programme participants gain invaluable insights and support directly from the business community. This enables young promising entrepreneurs to interact with seasoned business professionals while sharing the business community’s take on matters such as skills gaps with such individuals in their key formative years. 


del_pri_rgbDeloitte Malta continues to support the Junior Achievement Young Enterprise Malta Foundation through its sponsorship of The Company Programme Business Plan competition and the Best Financial statements awards.

In addition to its financial sponsorship, Deloitte also provides logistical support through the provision of speakers, trainers and judges and other operational assistance required throughout the programme – so as to assist in the development and entrepreneurial spirit of each student who participates. Two of the participating students are also offered a summer internship with the firm. 


adpro-logo-member-ofAdpro-Instruments Ltd sponsors JAYE Malta in a monetary way as well as forming part  of the Judging Panel of the Company Programme finals. Through this involvement, Adpro-Instruments has supported JAYE Malta.

This sponsorship mirrors Adpro-Instruments’ commitment to improving quality - “Quality is an important concept within our company and we firmly believe in the importance of involving young people and introducing them to the concepts of quality management.” says Adpro's Management team.



FarsonsSimonds Farsons Cisk has been a keen supporter of the Junior Achievement Young Enterprise Malta Foundation since its early days.  We recognise its commitments and endeavours to promote the critical spirit of entrepreneurship in local students and to provide a real experience to our future generation through ‘learning by doing’.  A JAYE experience on an applicant’s curriculum vitae is a definite asset.

SFC employees have also advised teams participating in the yearly JAYE Company Programme and we are proud of having been asked to participate on the adjudication panel of the Best Operations and HR Award. 


cim3The Chartered Institute of Marketing acknowledges that in order to invest in future professionals to embrace with the marketing profession it needs to reach out to young promising entrepreneurs. Marketing offers the tools for developing creativity and innovation and CIM Malta believe that supporting initiatives such as the JAYE competition contribute to fuelling the enthusiasm necessary to continue encouraging JAYE achievers in their efforts and endeavours to pursue their career.

In this regard, CIM thanks JAYE for the opportunity offered to participants through its programme and is keen to support the achievers in taking up the challenge to benefit from this experience and for going the extra mile beyond their studies and other commitments. Initiatives such as the JAYE programmes reach out to important target audiences for CIM. Apart from engaging with entrepreneurial students, many parents are in business and JAYE attract support from known corporations and enterprises - which is also a desired audience for CIM in order to co-work in the development of the Marketing profession.


mca-innovation-logo-01In line with its innovation mandate, the Malta Communications Authority is pleased to support the activity undertaken by Junior Achievement Young Enterprise (JAYE) Malta Foundation. On a general basis, the MCA is supportive of entrepreneurship education, as this is considered to be an essential prerequisite to engender innovative business and new enterprises.

The Authority finds that JAYE Malta’s initiatives contribute positively to such education, by offering an environment where participants “learn by doing”. MCA support in the Company Programme is through an Award for the Best Presentation and use of Communications Platforms.