Junior Achievement Young Enterprise (JAYE) Malta  Foundation is a non-profit non-government organisation that specialises indelivering entrepreneurship education programmes to young people (aged 8 to 30) attending academic or vocational education institutions in Malta and Gozo. Since our pilot year, way back in 1988 we've delivered and reached over 10 654 986 students with our world renowned programmes, between the ages of 8 to 30.

JAYE Malta would like to thank our sponsors for their continued support of our mission to deliver educational programmes which promote Entrepreneurship, Financial Literacy and EmployabilityOur corporate sponsors directly support the organisations operational expenses and subsidises JAYE Malta in many other ways. Our programme sponsors that nurture the entrepreneurial spirit, create a workforce ready for today’s business challenges, and teach vital financial-literacy skills in communities throughout the world. You can also become one of the forces that drives JAYE Malta's success. Join us in giving young people the opportunity to change their lives and improve their communities.


As a non profit non government organisation at Junior Achievement Young Enterprise Malta Foundation we depend on our Corporate sponsors for their contribution to support our mission of delivering our programmes which promote Entrepreneurship, Financial Literacy and Employability Skills.
The Junoir Achievement Young Enterprise Malta Foundation Company Programme with the support and guidance of volunteer and business mentors from the local business community, aims to help young people appreciate and better understand the role of business in our society.
The Junior Achievement Young Enterprise Malta Foundation Start Up Programmes participants gain real experience in the world of business, coming up with a concept for a business, creating and researching a business plan, taking responsibility and being accountable to their shareholders.