Compulsory Education

Junior Achievement Young Enterprise (JAYE) Malta Foundation offer various programmes, tailored to nurture children, between the ages of  8-10, by teaching them the  fundamental value of managing their finances and how to become contributors within their respective communities.

JAYE's focus at Primary and Secondary school levels is to foster in the pupils those personal qualities such as creativity, spirit of initiative and independence that contribute to the development of an entrepreneurial attitude, which will prove useful in their life and in every working activity.

In this phase, autonomous and active forms of learning should be developed. Moreover, this teaching will provide early knowledge of and contact with the world of business, and some understanding of the role of entrepreneurs in the community. Activities may include working on projects, learning by playing, presentation of simple case studies and visits to local enterprises.

Primary School

Our Community

This Programme is designed for children between the ages of 7 and 8. It offers insight into how important it is that different community members work together for the community to live in harmony. It also introduces the concept of voting, how money goes round a community and the reason people and companies pay taxes. The Our Community programme is a fun and interactive series of 5 lessons presented by a business volunteer in school to the whole class. They assess the needs and wants of communities and set about taking responsibility for the community they have designed through voting in a decision-making activity. 

With the Our Community programme the children discover in a fun way how a community functions. They learn how people and businesses operate within a community. This Programme offers insight into how working together in a community creates a community where people live in harmony and why this is important. We at believe this programme helps children understand wage structures, basic elements of pricing, decision-making and tolerance, as well as respect for other community members.


Secondary School

JAYE Malta has identified the need for the further development of personal qualities such as creativity, spirit of initiative and independence, which continue to be relevant at Secondary school level. In addition, entrepreneurship teaching will include raising the awareness of the students about self-employment as a possible career option (the message being that you can become not only an employee, but also an entrepreneur); learning by doing — for instance by running mini-enterprises; specific training on how to create a business(especially in vocational or technical schools). Our programmes and initiatives at this level directly address these identifications and development areas.


This Programme is designed for youth aged between 11 and 12. Europe my business increases the understanding of how businesses operate in Europe and explores various economic issues that impact people, businesses and how countries are interdependent. The program introduces the relationship between the natural, human, and capital resources found in different countries and explores European business that produce goods and services for consumers. This programme was chosen as part of the Single Market Celebrations for 2012.

It also introduces the EU and movement of products and services whilst also focusing on the importance of adding value to products for marketability and labelling for quality control. We believe this programme is still important for the students to understand the relevance of adding value to various products and services based on the resources and qualities available in various EU regions. It also helps improve geographic knowledge of the EU member states and build awareness about quality, control and value for money.

Enterprise in Action

This Programme is designed for 14 year old youth. Enterprise in Action is an eight to ten-week class that helps students understand the principal characteristics of the free enterprise economic system and the role of business in it. Students learn the steps in organising a business and producing and marketing a product. They also study the social responsibilities of business and the role of government in the economy. 

It is focused on providing participants with a brief introduction to how a product idea is turned into a potential business. This is done by introducing the concept of roles and specialisation through an understanding of individual strengths, the four marketing Ps - Place, Problem solving, Product design and Costing and Presentation. We believe that Enterprise in Action is an important pre-cursor to The Company Programme and allows participants to explore their entrepreneurial capabilities, creativity and group work, all in the while developing a business concept.

Social Innovation Challeng


At the Social Innovation Challenge students gather who may not know each other, in order to address a specific business challenge set-out by Microsoft. The Social Innovation Challenge is an intense experience for the students since they have to propose a solution within 24 hours, given access to tools, information and resources. Students start with a session of brainstorming/idea generating (and ice-breaking) techniques and exercises. Students would be put together in international teams consisting of 5-6 students.

Then the teams need to move into the next phase which is thinking through how to make their idea a reality; consulting with the Volunteer Experts available in order to figure out how to actually achieve it. Teams have to prepare a presentation and a business concept within 24 hours and make their final presentations to a panel of judges.

They will have to apply entrepreneurial and innovative thinking in order to arrive at their final solutions; the jury selects the top solutions. It is important that the challenges presented to the participants (students) are real ones and that their solutions will actually be used. The pupils’ motivation increases significantly when they know their contributions will actually help someone.